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Who we arrrr?

Trust and meaningful connections between decision makers in blockchain is our primary goal. Blockchain Pirates believe both in the power of blockchain and also in the magic of bringing informal and fun encounters to business relationships. We give our pirates a safe bay and regularly set sails secret adventures.

We help the blockchain movement grow in quantity and quality:


A tight-knit network of blockchain founders, investors, and developers.


Regular closed events with cherry-picked blockchain doers.

Partners & Pirates

Our LASt
Winter Adventure

Ahoy Pirates,
the council of captains has come together after the gathering at the Pirates tavern. Eye patches were exchanged, fears were conquered and Mother Rum did it’s fair share of making us brothers. We are very pleased with the fierce group of individuals who were present, old and new.

As we know that many of you enjoy remembering the g’d o’l times, we provide you with the visual medicine you need:

Thanks to our Sponsor

Not only did we find new recruits for our next adventure at sea, but we also saw new crews forming at the Bounty Bazaar, soon to explore the caribbean as a satellite endeavor.


UFOStart ag

At the Bazaar, as a token of gratitude, our alien ally UFOstart offered 1h of expert consultation with their extraterrestrial overlord Lars on how to market your ships and attract the crucial followers you need amongst your crew // ICO, STO, and token salethrough sustainable and organic community growth for the long term benefits //. Remember Pirates, they have superior technology on their flying saucers…

About the event

Ahoy, friends! Blockchain pirates gather under a Jolly Roger again this fall on 30th of November. It is a closed event. We cherry pick our guests among the best blockchain founders, investors, developers and supporters. You are one of those special ones? Aye, register below and get more information about the event. Not invited, although a blockchain pirate at heart? Blimey! Apply for an invitation below.  

True Pirates saying

"Blockchain pirates was an extraordinary experience. The atmosphere and the audience was totally different from other blockchain related events. For one night we were rum drinking blockchain pirates cruising through the waters of Berlin and had great discussions alomgside passionate and knowledgeable minds in that space"

Maximilian Lautenschläger, Managing Partner & Co-founder @ ICONIQLAB

"Shiver me timbers, this is the most enjoyable way to meet the leading people in the Berlin crypto scene. Investors, founders and connectors all in one place."

Malcolm Cannon, Chief Marketing Officer @ Cyberian Mine

OUR Last
SUMMER adventure

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Blockchain can be the answer to some of the most pressing questions of our century. But what are those exactly? Our think tank is ambitious to understand which global issues can be solved via the distributed ledgers technology. The first think tank session will take place on our next event in November. Apply for an invitation, if you want to take part.